Our pledge

At TRITON DEFENSE we realize our world can substantially change in a nanosecond and without warning; each day that passes our growing infrastructures technology becomes increasingly advanced and more vulnerable to an invisible pulse. Bottom line “Our pledge” is to get in front of EMP threats with All Hazards hardware solutions that keep our Government, Military, Cyber, and Civilian Infrastructures operational in the event of an EMP.

Electromagnetic Protection Solutions

Our primary focus is to create HEMP Protected Flexible Modular Platforms allowing unlimited design capability to develop cost-effective solutions for fixed and mobile applications to fit ALL HAZARDS environments.
  • We Define system vulnerabilities
  • We Design system protections
  • We Fabricate HEMP protection systems
  • We Integrate technology into HEMP protected systems
  • We Test what we build
  • We Deploy our systems
  • We Support our systems

Our History

In 1995 TRITON DEFENSE started its humble beginnings in White Plains Maryland known then as TRITON METALS Inc. Over time we have prided ourselves as faithful servants to our clients which has galvanized everlasting partnerships for manufacturing needs. In 2002 moved its headquarters to Hollywood Maryland where we continue to thrive.
Today we are continually evolving from a once simple job shop into a substantial axis for EMP answers to today's complex Government, Military, Cyber, and Civilian utility systems protection needs. We find ourselves forging paths to combat EMP threats and create sustainable solutions to meet a broad range of fixed and mobile EMP All Hazards designs.
TRITON DEFENSE has a growing complex which houses some of the most advanced manufacturing equipment available. Our workforce consists of over 125 employees with decades of honed skills and refined processes throughout the organization that sets us apart. Our keen sense of design and manufacturing abilities come from many trades learned over time, this vast knowledge magnified by technology and processes we have developed ultimately branded TRITON as a world class manufacturer.  Our experience through design promotes life-cycle sustainment and future modernization opportunities. We consistently strive to maintain an agile workforce that has provided the foundation on which we continue to build.

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